History of our house

In 1781, our building was com pleted and added on the “Jakobstor” which was the western entrance of the historical medieval town.

In present time, only the towers of the gate are preserved. Behind the Building, you will find the historic city wall as well as traces of the old city moat.

As a free and independent city from 1245 on, Regensburg was a sovereign territory like an island in the middle of the Kingdom of Bavaria.

You can find an unusual surprise in the basement of our Hotel.

A fully renovated and decorated cellblock as the building served for over 150 years as policestation

The detention cell was as the whole building completely renovated and equipped as a small and decorative "Police Museum".

The nearly 10m² big detention cell has undoubtedly a special flair. There were hundreds of criminals, including thieves, robbers, and murderers, arrested during the past 150 years.


Nicely decorated, thanks to the support of the former police officers who were working in this building, with more than 70 photos of evidence, old police equipment, cars, motorcycles and also arrested persons from the past.